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Swimsuit Outfit [Riya Add-on/DLC][PERSONAL LICENSE ONLY]
Swimsuit Outfit [Riya Add-on/DLC][PERSONAL LICENSE ONLY]
Swimsuit Outfit [Riya Add-on/DLC][PERSONAL LICENSE ONLY]

Swimsuit Outfit [Riya Add-on/DLC][PERSONAL LICENSE ONLY]

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Similar to how Booth models/outfits work, this is an outfit add-on/DLC specifically made for my Riya avatar! It comes as a Unity package containing:
•  FBX [Outfit consists of - Visor, Sunglasses, Shirt, Bikini Top and Bottoms, Flipflops]
•  Textures 
•  Materials
•  3.0 setup - FX/Parameter and Sub menu to merge onto the main avatar and work cohesively with it, including toggles/color swaps/hue shifts!
•  More details - Whole outfit is 9.6k Polys, all UV-mapped on 1 Texture/Material, metal details are a separate material! Textures are in 2k resolution.

Credit: In-game preview video by Zelle#1212

Watch the install video I made!: https://youtu.be/m7UdHySNAb8
Need help/support or have a question? Join my server!: https://discord.gg/HrmJCQrJ6P

DISCLAIMER: Please install each outfit SEPARATELY on a model, have different unity projects/uploads for different outfits, for optimization purposes, and because some animations can overwrite each other and make it so stuff does not work properly!

TERMS OF USE for all outfit Add-ons/DLCs for any of my avatars:

1. Do NOT redistribute/share in any way, shape or form. If you want to gift it to someone, please use the gift system!
2. Do NOT claim as your own.
3. Do NOT resell in ANY way.
4. These outfits are NOT refundable.
5. These outfits are ONLY 
PERSONAL USE, absolutely NO commercial use whatsoever! [Unless used for streaming/videos/pictures/etc. media with the avatar its meant for! Credit must be given as per my Avatar TOS.]
6. These outfits are ONLY meant to be used for the avatar they were created for! They CANNOT be used on a model they are not meant for!
7. You CANNOT take ANY parts from those outfits, they must be used as WHOLE!
8. You CAN do texture edits on the outfits freely.
9. You CANNOT do any mesh edits on those outfits.
10. You CANNOT take the outfits and port them in other games as mods/etc. ONLY for VRC/VR use and ONLY for the avatars I have created it for!
11. Your license (personal) is ONLY valid if you provide the appropriate information asked at check out (Full discord tag + VRC name). If that information is not provided, your purchase cannot be linked to you, and will NOT be valid, neither will your license.
12. Using those outfits of course does 
not break my TOS regarding 'editing' my models, they are meant to aid it! I am implementing that system so people have more freedom to choose with editing some of my models!

By purchasing any of my Models/Assets you agree to the following rules above, if said rules be broken, you are a subject to be taken action against according to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).