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Willow (3D Model)(Personal license only)
Willow (3D Model)(Personal license only)

Willow (3D Model)(Personal license only)

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YT showcase ♡:  https://youtu.be/MS--nmCKx9I

Unity Package for Unity 2019
NOT Quest compatible, PC ONLY!

- All gestures/idle animations/ etc, FBX+Prefab included.
- Phys bones: Ears, Hair, Boobs, Butt, Thighs, Tail
- Colliders on whole body + floor collider for hair/tail
- Toggles via Inventory System: Glasses, Nose Bandaid, Sweater, Crop hoodie, Pasties, Panties, Socks, Shoes, Tail
- Extra features:
   • :vrcSkull: Outfit theme swaps! (Main outfit is SKULL theme, second option is:z_blackbat:BAT outfit theme, and third :pawssmall:PAW outfit theme!)
   • :poi_hue:Hue shifts for the eyes, and the PAW outfit separately!
   • Color swaps! (Hair color can toggle to white, Socks can toggle to white!)
   • Additional hairstyle options! - Ponytail toggle, Long hair toggle, or both combined! (Both combined is by default)

- Custom edited/drawn textures, custom made/edited and rigged parts
- FBT ready

Upload Instructions (Details in my server! https://discord.gg/HrmJCQrJ6P):
• Import SDK3
• Import Poiyomi Toon 7.3.050
• Import Avatar package
All in that order.


By purchasing any of my Models/Assets you agree to the following rules above, if said rules be broken, you are a subject to be taken action against according to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

You are NOT allowed to take/reuse ANY assets (meshes,mesh edits,textures,texture edits,icons,etc.) off this model for your own (personal or commercial) use. You CAN make small edits (color/texture edits, hair swap, ear/tail swap, add things, remove things, etc.) but you CANNOT reuse the parts taken off my model in ANY way. MUST purchase/obtain all assets from the appropriate creators (listed in credits), or from me SEPARATELY if you want to use any of the assets on my avatar. (IF they are available/allowed to be reused outside of my avatar)

(Head - kri#1214 (https://krivr.gumroad.com)/ Edit by me (you are NOT allowed to use that head edit in any way.)
(Body - Pandaabear#9873 (https://gumroad.com/pandaabear) / Resculpt by me (you are NOT allowed to use my resculpt in any way))
(All hairs/Ears/Tail/Vans - Darcy#0005(https://darcyvr.gumroad.com/))
(Sweater/Crop hoodie - ничто#6666(https://apyr.gumroad.com/))
(Hairclip base - moonlight peach#3252(https://moonlightpeachh.gumroad.com))
(Skull/Paw charms - wen#4076(https://payhip.com/wen))
(Bat charm - Siren#1001(https://payhip.com/Siren1001))
3.0 Locomotion by WetCat#6969(https://gumroad.com/wetcat)/AlcTrap#0001
Blushed body tex edit by Uni#1369 (https://gumroad.com/smoluni)
Handdrawn icons by Monarch#0666(https://gumroad.com/regalmonarch) and me (Not allowed for reuse)

(Showcase video by SaintSophitia#1800))

Assets made from scratch by me(Cupkake#6666): Nose bandaid/Nipple pasties, Choker base, Glasses, Panties, Socks, Cupcake charm/earring